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2023: Mustapha set to wrestle Fintiri, joins Guber race and reveals 14 out of his 27 agenda manifestoes points



2023: Mustapha set to wrestle Fintiri, joins Guber race and reveals 14 out of his 27 agenda manifestoes points 


  • He declares interest and vows to take Adamawa out of the woods


A business tycoon who has a vast knowledge in Procurement, mining and gas with international connection with foreign investors, Alhaji Mustapha Umar Madawaki in a statement of belief to the general public has declared his interest to wrestle power with Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, the executive Governor of Adamawa state.


The All Progressives Congress (APC) Chieftain addressed the people of Adamawa state in a world press conference and made the following key agenda setting the will to make his Government a people’s oriented and inclined to solving the divergence problem of the state.


Top on the priority of his promulgation of his government in view, Umar on infrastructure said:


1.Inter state Road network commencing from Cham, our boarder with Gombe state, through Lamurde, Numan, Demsa,(on dual carriage), then from Ngurore, (on four lanes) through Jimeta, Girei, Jabbi lamba,(revert back to dual carriage) through Song, Gombi, Hong, Mararaba, Mubi,( then single lane) on the one hand through Mararaba, Uba, Michika, Madagali, to the boarder with Borno state. On the other through Maiha Belel to the boarder with the Cameron and Mubi Sahuda and Cameron’s boarder.



“Tall gates are likely at CHAM, NUMAN, VINIKILANG, GOMBI MARARRABA, SAHUDA BELEL. This road will also be diverted from Jimeta to Fufore, Gurin, and boarder with Cameron. With Tall gate at GURIN. The road will again be diverted from Ngurore through Mayobelwa, Jada, Ganye, to Tongo. With possible Tall gates at MAYOBELWA,, and the boarder after TOUNGO. It will be a six inch road expected to last at least 70 years. The investors will fully manage the road and control all revenue points with a sharing formula of 70/30 for at least 30-40 years as the case may be.


Other local governments not initially connected to this road will be linked after the first tenure. Such as Guyuk, and Shelleng, During this period, we shall equally embark on intra local Governments road network which is expected to be done by the State Government directly.


Construction of modern markets at Jimeta, Yola and Mubi. In all these locations, the market may take over many privately owned houses and shops in order to give it the much needed space to accommodate 3-4 thousand shops as in the case of Yola, . While Jimeta and Mubi markets will be between 10-15000 shops each. All the markets will be fire proof and marble finished. The Investors s

Will only construct based on our engineering design and specifications. Shops will be allocated by State Government with a deposit to be agreed upon by both sides including the various market Unions. State Government will also work out the possibility of soft but long term loans to business owners within the market to enable them build their capital base. The repayment terms should be on monthly basis and over a period of not less than 30-40 years with lower interest rates. The amount of loans shall not exceed the value of the beneficiaries shop except if further collateral shall be made available to cover the outstanding facility. It is expected that the markets, especially the ones for Jimeta and Mubi may be the best ever in Africa, with modern ecstatics, and likely to be between 5-8 story. Fully covered with 4×1500 kva Caterpillar Generators. It’s underground will totally be parking lots to be shared between all shop owners and mobile customers. Fees will be charge for both beneficiaries. While customers will pay as they park, shop owners will have their bills added to all taxes and levies to be paid on monthly basis. These markets, are equally to be managed by the Investors and revenue also controlled by them. The state will ensure no cash payments are made directly except through the Banks for proper accountability. Coins will be used as financial Instruments for all payments. The sharing formula for the expected revenue will still remain 70/30 for Investors and the state Government respectively.


2. International IT center, to be built within the old Jimeta market premises. Once the new market is in place, all the three markets will be marges to creat room for the IT centre. This will revitalize the wards around the market which includes Rumde, Yelwa, Gwadabawa and Ajiya. These wards have lost their business dominance with the construction and transfer of the Central shopping market and the Jimeta new markets. The entire area which hitherto was the business hub of Jimeta is now a shadow of its former self. With an International IT Center, these places will witness a new boom as a direct result of heavy influx of young men and women wishing to be IT literate and specialists. This venture is expected to be funded as a private investment, generating revenue for both Investors and the state Government. The sharing formula shall still remain 70-30 respectively.


3. Jimeta main modern park. The intent shall be that the entire land from under the main Jimeta bridge covering the Jimeta bye pass market to lake Gerio will be taken over. A South Korean Investor company will be invited to design and build the Park as a tourist destination with all that is required to give it what it takes and generate revenue for both Investors and thr state. The sharing formula shall still be 70-30 respectively.


4. Agriculture and Animal husbandry. As for Agriculture, mechanised farming shall be encouraged and supported by the state Government through the provision of training, ensuring adequate, and timely supply of faterlizers, herbicides, pesticides, improved seeds especially for rice, millets, wheat and Yellow maize, Tractors, combine harvesters, and storage facilities will be made available. Soft and subsidized loans will be negotiated for farmers by the state. In the case of Animal husbandry, our main concentration will be the breeding and fattening of cows, rams and goats. While ranching will be an option, individuals wishing to engage in fastening will be supported and encouraged. The expectations is that we shall negotiate with southern Nigeria to close down all their cattle markets and abbatours and be supplied with healthy meat, sausages and packed meat based products from our central slaughter house and factories to be established in Jimeta. An Egyptian company has already shown interest. Moreso, the entire middle east and Arabia are desperately in need of meat supply because of the constant influx of people in especially Dubai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc. These countries are currently forced to import fresh meat from Brazil in South America. We can effectively do same with an advantage, that ours is organic and therefore, healthier and sweeter. This market will allow the state to earn money in foreign exchange. We currently have 8 cattle markets in the state with a weekly influx of not less than 5,000 heads of cattle per market. This is an indication that we have the capacity to slaughter 15,000 cows per day for both local and 15,000 for International supplies. It is an important source of revenue for the state. Sheep and goats will equally receive a boost in order to ensure a steady supply for both markets.


In order to support harder’s and those interested in cattle rearing, fattening, and supplies to the factory/slaughter house, Government will ensure steady supply of the much needed vaccines at subsidised rates, importation of improved weeds for growth by cattle rearers especially those who may key into the new dream of a stable and functional settlements for herders in the form of grazing reserves etc. Earth dams will be constructed to ensure steady supply of water for their animals, the study of and the supply of veterinary doctors will be encouraged through special salaries and scholarships respectively. These measures in addition to others will help stabilize the potential markets for the supply of these cows, sheep and goats. Research centers for the improvement of these animals in line with modernity will receive a boost. Our cattle markets will be improved into semi automated markets with all attendant facilities to ensure a direct buyer sellers transactions by eliminating middle men often refered to as “yan mi nangi” whose contribution to any transaction is simply detrimental, ultimately denying Government it’s much needed taxes. We must modernize these markets and attract supply all through the country and our neighboring nation states like cameron, Chad, and Niger. The beauty of cooperating with Southern Nigeria to stop the influx of cows directly, will give Adamawa the monopoly of process and supply thereby stabilizing the market. Trucks in the form of cold rooms will on daily basis supply these certified fresh meat to the entire country predicated on an open but certified split letter of credit in favour of the supplier by all potential buyers. We shall first start with Lagos State because arrangements are already on gear and they seem to love the idea. Once the local market is getting rooted, the need for a Cargo airport for the lifting of all International supplies will be the next project. Hopefully, we shall witness the sprinting of Industries to process hides and skin for export, crush blend and package bones into powder for export, put up factories for the production of sausages and other meat based products, the processing of cow dung into manure for onward sales locally etc. The concertination of these industries will spring up a major Industrial base for the state. However, all these must be private sector driven to ensure success and stability.. We also have to exploit the possiblity of generating electricity through wind, thermal and solar to support this Industry.



5. Aquaculture. Some of our communities especially those living along the banks of the river Benue are fishermen from time immemorial. These include the Bachama, Bata, and Mbula predominantly. The absence of modern fish production facilities and techniques have almost bastardised the Industry. In addition, the uncontrolled fishing in our waters has depleted if not totally wiped out the fish industry making us simply reliant on those supplied from the Cameron and Chad for the supply of both Fresh and dried fish. This issue can be addressed in the following ways. We shall acquire one thousand hectares of of land from the communities of Numan, Demsa, Borong and Lamurde each. The land will be sub divided into single hectares to support each young man and woman wishing to undergo this training. After which, they will be supported with fingerlings, feeds and some cash to support their daily works on their projects. This circle will help revitalize the industry and provide job opportunities for our teaming youth. Eventually we shall take over the fishing Industry for both Fresh and dried fish atleast in the North. All necessary assistance will be provided to participants in this project. Whatever the Government is able to expend will be built as loans to be repaid gradually by the participants over a period of 5-8 years with a moritarium of 2 years.


6. Groundnuts production. The people of Hong are known for groundnut farming. It is cultural and historic. If we can have groundnut pyramids in Kano in the 50’s through 60’s, why can’t we have same in Hong. This will sprint groundnut oil Industries, animal feeds etc.


7. Mining:. All aspects of mining should be on the table. Especially the Guyuk cement, Gombi POP, Potash in Zuma, Song and precious stones in their numbers spread all over the state. “Mines and money” International conferences will be patronised yearly to attract investors from especially Canada and Europe


8. Education. We shall renovate 5 Government secondary schools in each Senatorial Zone, and construct 3 new ones. (Government Technical Collages, Government Girls Science secondary school, and Government Boys Science Secondary Schools) in each Senatorial Zone. A state of emergency will be declared in Education, so that almost all primary schools will receive a boost through renovation, reorientation, retraining, and retirement/ employment of qualified teachers including expatriates in key position to Institutionalise the new culture. If need be, students espécially secondary school students will be transfered to either private schools to complete their education or be sent to skill acquisition centers as the case may be. Only new entrants directly from primary schools will be admitted into these newly built or renovated schools.


9. Health. Emphasis will be placed on primary healthcare. Towns and Villages will be given priorities in healthcare development. Healthcare centres will be built in every district, with qualified doctors, nurses and administrators. If need be expatriates will be employed on contract to supplement the locals. Adequate facilities will be made available such as befitting accommodation, access roads, clean water supply, transportation, and allowances. No doctors under the employment of state will be allowed to run private hospitals. State shall procure and supply its own drugs, and other medical needs. Each hospital at Local Government level will be completely renovated or a new one will be built. This will drastically reduce over dependence in either Federal Medical centers or State General hospitals. Doctors and nurses will learn to live with the reality of serving comfortably in any part of the state. Access to medical facilities will be localised and brought close to the common man.


10. Human Capital Development. Students will be supported through comprehensive scholarships to study anywhere in the world. Especially the Natural Sciences, Medicine and medical related courses, Agriculture, Social and Management sciences, Law etc. Those studying other courses within Nigeria, will receive the same support in all ramifications. Super kids or gifted children will be chosen through a competitive examination for what I may call “Global Scholarship” to study in some select global high rated International Universities and Collages in these chosen fields.


We shall be willing to assist our skilled entrepreneurs to establish businesses of their choice. So also for shop owners in the markets and streets to obtain soft and long term loans to improve their businesses.


11. It will be the goal of the administration to put up skill acquisition centers in all local government areas of the state to boost entrepreneurship in the state to support our young men and women.



12. It will be a policy of Government to recruit and train young men and women of between the ages of 18-25 as a special security force to complement the efforts of our security agencies. Each local Government will recruit at least 500 youth, per annum for a period of 4 years, so that they can total 2000 per LGA. These recruites will be placed in their respective LGA to t

operate in the environment they know better. If by chance, the National Assembly approves the establishment of State Police, then automatically they are consolidated as such.


13. Provision of Housing. Certain wards may have to be cleared with adequate compensation in order to give a face to both Jimeta and Yola. In Jimeta, Rumde ward may partly or completely pave the way for modern development of housing. It may be the new Commissioners quarters or a new spree of housing for citizens with the initial occupants having the first right of refusal. The estate will welcome those approaching Jimeta from Girei to creat a new Infrastructural impression of the state. This same policy will apply on Sanda ward of Yola. In addition to many other layouts that may sprint out of the state and local Govts. Housing for all categories of people will be given priority in the state.


14. Provision of water. International companies or water giants in the world such as ‘Thames water’, ‘Patterson candy,’ ‘Bi water’ etc will be invited to set up world class water treatment plants and facilities on the river Benue in Jimeta, to cover Yola, Jimeta, Girei and Fufore. Another will be Mubi North, Mubi South, Maiha on the River kilange. Numan, Lamurde, Demsa, on the River Benue, and Guyuk, Shelleng on the Kiri dam. Also, Mayobelwa, Jada, Ganye to be linked to the Jada river. Where there is no visible and adequate water supply from either streams or Rivers, Industrial boreholes will be put in place to ensure availability of water in such areas. Such projects will be linked to households and metering systems will be introduced. This way, sufficient water supply will be made to people and our underground acquafers will be preserved.

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PDP in Yola South, Endorsed Comrade Bapullo Aspiration Come 2023.



Members of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in Adarawo ward, Yola south local government have endorsed the aspiration of comrade Abdurrahman Bapullo for member Yola south constituency.

At an endorsement ceremony that took place at the party’s office lumel-wuro Hausa Adarawo, the party faithfuls solicit total support from other wards for his election bid in 2023 general election.

Addressing newsmen at the party’s office, the PDP chairman Adarawo ward, Mallam Baba mijinyawa said the reason behind the endorsement of comrade Abdurrahman Bapullo is based on his track record in serving humanity and urged the party’s faithfuls in Yola south to rally round their son for the victory of the party in the general election.

Mallam Baba also called on excos and delegates to support Bapullo’s aspiration for better representation so as to enjoy dividends of democracy.

In their separate remarks, the youths leader of PDP in Adarawo ward Nuhu Bibi and the women leader, Maimunatu Murtala called on women and Youths to give necessary support to Bapullo to represent youths in the state House of assembly.

On his part, Abubakar Usman who spoke on behalf of the Adarawo community in Yola south, explained that the Bapullo’s endorsement was based on merit for the good people of Yola south constituency.

In his acceptance speech, the Peoples Democratic Party PDP aspirant for Yola south Adamawa state House of assembly comrade Abdurrahman Bapullo, thanked the Adarawo community and its environs for their solidarity and confidence reposed in him to represent the good people of Yola south.

Comrade Bapullo also called on the party faithfuls to support his aspiration so as to actualise his dream in overturning the fortunes of Yola south constituency for better representation.

Abdurrahman Bapullo pointed out that he entered politics to represent youths which according to him, youths are the backbone of every developed society.

The human right activist, used the opportunity to congratulate Muslim ummah for the successful completion of the holy month of Ramadan fast and urged them to imbibe the virtues of kindness, tolerance, love, peace and harmony, sacrifice as exemplified by the holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

Comrade Bapullo wishes all Muslim ummah a happy Eidel Fitir salla celebration and prays that the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be with them.

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Breaking; Sultan declare Monday, as first day of Shawwal 1443/2022.



Sultan Saad Abubakar has declared Sunday as end of fasting month of Ramadan and May 2 as Eid-el-Fitr.

This is contained in a statement by the Chairman, Advisory Committee on Religious Affairs, Sultanate Council Sokoto, Prof. Sambo Wali Junaid on Saturday.

“The Sultanate Council Advisory Committee on Religious Affairs in conjunction with the National Moon Sighting Committee did not receive any report from various Moon Sighting Committees across the country confirming the sighting of the New Moon of Shawwal 1443AH, on Saturday, 30 April, 2022 which was the 29th day of Ramadan 1443AH.

“Therefore, Sunday, 1s May, 2022 is the 30h day of the month of Ramadan 1443AH.

His Eminence, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar CFR, mni, the Sultan of Sokoto and President General, Nigeria Supreme Council for lslamic Affairs (NSCIA) has accepted the report and accordingly declared Monday, 2nd May, 2022 as the first day of Shawwal 1443AH. (Day of Eid-El-Fitr).

His Eminence, the Sultan felicitates with the Nigerian Muslim Ummah and wishes them Allah’s guidance and blessings. The Sultan while urging the Muslim Ummah to continue to pray for peace progress and development of the Gountry he also wishes all Muslims a happy Eid-El-Fitr.

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ADSHA Member in Certificate Scandal.



A member representing Fufore/Gurin State Constituency at the Adamawa State House of Assembly, Hon. Shuaibu Babas is alleged to have forged his First School Leaving Certificate, FSLC.

A constituent who presented photocopies of alleged forged document to Apex News Exclusive, but pleaded anonymity said, it is unconstitutional to allow someone who has committed such scandal to continue to represent his constituency.

The documents reveals that Hon. Babas finished at LGEA Primary School, Kukawa in 1986, at Yamatu Deba LGA in Gombe State, and collected FSLC on 25 April same year.

However, further checks countered Hon. Babas’ claims. According to the letter from the Ministry of Education, Gombe State, in reply to an enquiry, titled Re-Verification of certificate of primary school in respect of Shuaibu Babas, dated 6th September, 2019, and signed by Ali Yaya Ahmed, Ag. Director of Exams, for Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Gombe State, the certificate was forged.

The recommendation memo, MOE/S/EXAMS/E.20/V.II, stated that, as at the time claimed by the certificate (1986), Gombe was not created. The ministry also questioned the use of a letter heading, bearing Gombe State in 1986.

Accordingly, the State Education Ministry said, in 1986, Yamatu Deba LG, as claimed by the certificate was not created.

More damming is the 25th April, 1986, the day of the issuance of the certificate. Perusing through 1986 calendar, the said date fall on Sunday, which is not working day.
In its submission, the Gombe State Ministry of Education declare the certificate invalid, null and void, because of it forgery status.

The constituent is calling on relevant authorities to act to save the integrity of the hallowed state legislature by asking Hon. Babas to resign.
Several calls by this media organization to reach Hon. Babas were not returned as at the time of filing this story.

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