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By: Shariff Aminu Ahlan

One of the most ironic and unfortunate attitudes of some political game players is the chronic shenanigans and mischief, which revolves around castigating, blackmailing, lies spreading, mischievous and dubious tendency that is crippling our political culture and making fools of opposition through dubious and unfounded evil machinate propaganda. They are fond of doubting and misinterpretation of every noble gesture, all in a bid to portray opposition black in the eyes of the electorates and the world at large.

Otherwise, no one would nurse a friction of doubt on the good intention of the state current most popular politician and no doubt political rave of the moment, His Exellency Abdulsalam Abdulkareem Zaura, popularly known as A. A Zaura, for this noble and first of its kind decision to give out a whopping two hundred millions naira to ten thousand students in the state aimed at easing their hardship and help in no small measure in regards to their academic activities.


At this critical situation where untold hardship and lack of basic needs is looming and becoming rampant, students would surely benefits immensely with this assistances of twenty thousand naira par individual.


The outbreak of the news beclouded our entire town and overshadowed any other items of discussion in all online media platforms and other news source in the last two days when an announcement was made and the portal was declared open, it’s discussion has taken a center stage among the people of the state, spreading to every nook and crannies like a wild fire. Prayers, appreciations and out pouring of accolades to His Exellency Zaura by millions of the state citizens has overnight becomes the over repeated task. It’s attract attention and commendations due to its unique way of implementation which is an alien to our psych and an usual way our politicians are conducting their real, imaginary, pretence and bogus empowerments schemes. It is the nature and style of our politicians to gathere thousands of people by staging grandstanding events where media practitioners are invited for the purpose of wider coverage and massive publicity. Many politicians used the style to show the world that they are providing democracy dividends to their people’s. In some isolated cases, several sceneries occurs where the world would be told that thousands would be given incentive ranging from five to ten thousand naira. Very few selected hundreds would be given and it strictly for party members. There after, over triple fictional numbers would be announced as the number of the benefiting populace. What’s a shameful and mischievous propaganda!


But in regards to our topic of discussion, the people of the state are amazed and wallowing in wonderment, burning with excitement and curiosity to know more about this youthful politician, and the unique style of this extraordinarily blessed, humble, philanthropic, simpleminded International business man cum politician A. A Zaura who doing his things entirely different from normal trends. His face is hardly been seeing, and same with hearing his voice, but his philanthropic gestures running into billions speak for him and has always becomes the center of discussion long before this latest humanitarian project. He has established himself as the most active philanthropic who do his things beret of grandstanding, attention seeking or boosting. He always let his activities speak for him and is fond of targeting the real needy tapped from grassroots irrespective of party affiliation or gender. Spending huge amounts of money in providing materials assistance, build schools, distributions of food material, giving capital, medical assistances, care for motherless and orphan with others too numerous to mention. As such he has for long occupy Frontline and has today becomes the most loved and admire politician in the state.


When people heard about this first of its kind gesture to students who would just apply through internet and would promptly be credited, millions of people in the state are hailing him and outpouring of prayers continue to take a center stage as usual.


Then the mischievous, dubious, evil concocters and uncultured chronic opposition both from within and opposition are busy spreading lies, useless rumors, unfolded and baseless interpretations that the noble scheme is a hoax and political deception which won’t happen and people should not waste time applying. What a mirage!


To them 200 millions is very huge amounts and won’t be implemented. Pity! Me seem that apart from jealous and useless misleading, they also thought that is going to be the same path their dubious and pretenders leaders are following. Far from it. Pity!


What they don’t fully understand or blindfolded their eyes from seeing or acknowledge is the reality that the said 200 that is given them a sleepless nights is amount to little penny from this God’s financially endowed international business guru. Suffice to say that he has spent huge fortunate running into billions in philanthropic activities and still doing more for over a decade and still counting. Is a man of his words who never mention what he won’t deliver. Moreover, he is the only politician that never held public office or appointment, but spending unquantifiable amount of resources from his hard-earned fortunate. In this field, he has no match or even contenders..


The doubting Thomas should concentrate on other issues and stop wasting their precious time if any, because this is for real and the man is too big to engage in deception or political gimmick. It would happen and would come to pass, and tell them to get set for more shockers, because the man has many yet to be implemented humanitarian projects on the pipeline.


Feel free and register and more and more goodies are on the way for the benefit of humanity. To quote him, ‘ I have not even started”.


Zaura is indeed a blessing and God unique and extraordinary gift to the people of the state.


Shariff Aminu Ahlan popularly known as

Zaura’s Intellectual Soldier, wrote in from Kano.

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US pledges support to INEC ahead of 2023 general elections



The United States under Secretary for Political Affairs Ambassador Victoria Nuland says the interest shown by Nigerian youths in the country’s electoral process will check irregularities especially in next year’s general election and beyond.

She stated this in Abuja during her visit to Nigeria and two other African countries.

Ambassador Nuland explained that money politics and other electoral malpractices which was not peculiar to Nigeria alone, could only be addressed using effective regulations.

Ambassador Nuland said her visit to Nigeria was strategic as the country plans for its general election next year.

She said that the United States would provide all the necessary support for the country to achieve a credible and peaceful electoral process.

Ambassador Nuland had earlier met the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, the Chief of Staff to the President, Professor Ibrahim Gambari as well as the National Security Adviser, Retired Major General Babagana Monguno where issues of interest to Nigeria and the United States were discussed.

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ECOWAS charges Nigeria on Peaceful Election in 2023



The Speaker of ECOWAS Parliament, Dr. Tunis sidie has called on Nigeria to ensure peaceful and credible general elections, come 2023.

He made the appeal in his opening address at the first ordinary session of the fifth legislature of the ECOWAS Parliament in Abuja,

Dr Tunis noted that Africa and indeed the whole world is looking up to Nigeria as a flagship of Political stability.

He however commended the country on the maturity the two main Political parties displayed in the conduct of their primaries and urged that the same attitude be sustained during the general election.

To this end, Dr. Tunis said the Parliament would commence early engagement in collaboration with ECOWAS Commission to ensure a successful exercise in Nigeria and two other countries, Liberia and Sierra Leone billed to hold elections next year.

“May I remind us that next year will be very pivotal for democracy across the region. With elections scheduled to hold in three Member States; the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, our role in ensuring that the democratic processes are conducted to guarantee the best possible outcomes cannot be overemphasized. In coordination with the ECOWAS Commission, we must begin our engagements long before polling day to ensure successes in all three Member States.”

The Speaker also congratulated The Republic of Gambia for the successful conduct of its election in April this year.

On the occasion, the Speaker of  Gambia National Assembly,  Hon. Fabakary Tombong Jatta In his goodwill message condemned the unconstitutional seizure of power by the military in some member States and the use of the Parliament by leaders to perpetuate themselves in power.

“In this regard, the Government, and People of The Gambia condemn in the strongest terms the unconstitutional seizure of political power through coup de tats which is threatening the very fabric of our society.  This also includes those leaders who rely on support in Parliament to amend their constitutions to accord themselves extended term limits against the will of their people”.

He said to sustain economic prosperity, peace, and stability in the sub-region, governance must be based on the pillars of justice, accountability, probity and most importantly, respect for the people’s will.

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Buhari meets APC Governors ahead of Party’s Presidential Primary



President Muhammadu Buhari has charged Governors of the APC to demonstrate the values and virtues of the party during its forthcoming presidential primary election.

The President gave the charge in Abuja at a meeting with the 22 Governors and the National Chairman of the party.

He noted that the most successful political parties globally had always depended on their internal cohesion and a strong leadership brand to achieve bigger electoral fortunes.

President Buhari said he would provide stronger leadership to the party to ensure an orderly process of the presidential primary election.

He stressed that such leadership was also needed to improve the party’s electoral fortunes by retaining power at the center, holding a greater majority in various legislative chambers, and gaining an additional number of states.

The President appealed to the Governors to allow their interests to converge, and their focus to remain on the changing dynamics of their environment, and the expectations of citizens, as well as the global community.

He emphasised that their objective must be the victory of the party, and their choice of a candidate must be someone who would give the Nigerian masses a sense of victory and confidence.

President Buhari assured that the consultation process would continue, to ensure that aspirants and stakeholders would be brought on board right through to the convention.

The President stressed that any anxiety occasioned by different factors is effectively brought under control.

Governor Atiku Bagudu of Kebbi State, and Chairman of Progressive Governors Forum, had on behalf of his colleagues, said the party must build on successes of its recent elective convention, and the primaries conducted so far, and come up with a candidate who would walk in the footsteps of patriotism and love for the country shown by President Buhari.

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